Bamboo Step Travel Kit

Bamboo Step Travel Kit

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The Bamboo Step Series

Bamboo Step straws were created to bring Design and Sustainability together.

A specific species of bamboo is cultivated to produce this premium series. Each straw come from a carefully selected culm of pure solid bamboo. It is cured and sanitized through a chemical free process to result in a durable, and taste-less drinking straw.

 The outer skin of the bamboo is removed during the manufacturing process, revealing the natural bamboo fibre structure which has become a recognized characteristic of the Bamboo Step straws.

Two Premium Bamboo Straws and one cleaning brush in a fabric carry-on pouch.

Pouch: Breathable canvas fabric with a coconut shell button.

Bamboo Straws: 20cm/7.9″ Premium bamboo straws. One Thin size diameter and one Smoothie size diameter.

Brush: Inox and Nylon

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