Bethany Lowe Designs

Vintage Roots

At the heart of Bethany Lowe Designs lies a love for all things vintage; an inspiration to take something old and make it new again. We hope to stir those same nostalgic and wistful affections of the past within you; Christmases gone by, chilly nights trick-or-treating as a child, and holidays spent with loved ones.

Artisan Crafted

Our products are proudly handmade by artisans in The Philippines. Over the years, Bethany worked with the artists to teach them the vintage techniques and nuanced finishes that her customers had come to expect. Each piece is carefully sculpted, cast, and painted, with a level of detail that is unmatched elsewhere in the world. She is proud of the integrity and commitment they bring to their craft, and thankful for their friendship over the past 20 years. They are truly part of her story, and our family at Bethany Lowe Designs.    

Attention to Quality

Each item is handcrafted with the utmost attention to quality. Our materials are individually handmade or sourced to envoke a feeling of years gone by.  Mercury glass, mica, and paper pulp, are authentic to the history of the items we produce.  Real goose feather trees and our paper mache items are manufactured in practices true to their time. Each unique piece is made to be handed down from one generation to the next and to withstand the test of time. Come build a tradition with us.