Ne'Qwa Art Manger Ornament

Ne'Qwa Art Manger Ornament

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Ne'Qwa Art's carefully chosen artists offer stunning diversity of subject matter, ranging from whimsical characters to sensously rich details.

They are the world's premier producer of reverse hand-painting on the inside of glass.

The same meticulous painting techniques that captivated emperors and art connoisseurs centuries ago are still used to create these amazing works of art.

This rare product, combined with outstanding packaging, is a popular gift for any occasion.

Limited Edition piece - signed and numbered (285/1500) by the G. DeBrekht.

Only 1500 pieces have been made.

Each decorative ornament comes luxuriously packed in a hand crafted, satin-lined, velour presentation case. In addition, every ornament comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, art history booklet and gift card...perfect for gift-giving.


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