Big Arse Brick of Soap - Shamrock

Big Arse Brick of Soap - Shamrock

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There once was a lad who woefully stank 'til Duke O'Cannon told him point-blank: "Get a Shamrock Brick, and lather up quick, for ye smell like an old septic tank."

Initially conceived as a satirical Instagram post and spurred on by the three fans who said they "might actually use this," Duke Cannon launched Shamrock THICK Wicked Minty Body Wash in 2020 to immediate Irish fanfare. The Big Arse Brick of Soap - Shamrock features the same wicked minty scent that smells good enough to eat* — now in Big Ass Brick of Soap form. Available for a limited time only.

*Not actually edible.

  • Packed with rich, gaelic lather
  • 3x bigger than common bar soaps
  • Wicked minty scent is actually good
  • Triple-milled for a longer-lasting bar
  • Size: 10 oz bar

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